We courier paintings all over SA!

We courier paintings all over SA!

We are so excited to have such a diverse range of art in stock! It has been a great privilege to stock a variety of great South African artist's work, and we have been experimenting with ways to make it accessible to the whole of South Africa.

We now courier paintings anywhere in SA!

We wrap the artworks in bubble wrap before having a custom made hardboard box fitted around it for safety during transit. Courier Guy has decent rates at the moment and we are able to do all of this for around R250 - R500 depending on painting size.

The hardboard box prevents most common types of damage, and we still add fragile labels to encourage gentle handling. 

So far we have had a few successes and feel excited to be able to offer this new service. 

Ease feel free to contact us via email or whatsapp before making an art purchase and we can give you a quote on packaging and courier. 


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